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Coffelius (coffelius) wrote :

ctwardy posted the following script at msi forums
It downloads and install my fork. Remember "apt-get install build-essential" as mangouste06 said.

# Download, build, and install Coffelius' variant of the rtl8187
# driver. Originally noted in an Oct 17 post to:
# by coffelius
# The code is available from:

# Change this name to get a newer version

# Fetch if needed
if [[ ! -e $name ]]; then
  tar xvjf $name

# Build and load
cd rtl8187se_coffee
sudo ./wlan0down
sudo ./wlan0up

# Install in boot for ubuntu, inserting a line into
# /etc/modules, if it's not already there.
sudo ./install
if grep r8180 /etc/modules > /dev/null;
  then sudo echo r8180 >>/etc/modules