Comment 20 for bug 238208

How hard is it to get hacking on a driver for this chipset?

As was the case for the Texas Instruments devices: "TI refused to publish a complete datasheet for any of the FlashMedia devices rendering them useless anywhere except M$ Windows"

Still, the tifmxx driver was and is being developed.

So, can this possibly be done for the Ricoh chipset? Maybe it's even possible to re-use code from the tifmxx driver (MS specifications, code structure etc)?

Project page TI driver:

Maybe someone can create a new project in launchpad for this driver, set up the basic driver files etc and at least get a dummy driver up that detects that a MS or xD card has been inserted into the bay - so that we at least can inform the uninformed user that "Sorry, but there are currently no available drivers for MemoryStick or xD cards for your built-in card reader"

What about that?