Comment 16 for bug 226766

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Leann Ogasawara a écrit :
> The Ubuntu Kernel Team is planning to move to the 2.6.27 kernel for the
> upcoming Intrepid Ibex 8.10 release. As a result, the kernel team would
> appreciate it if you could please test this newer 2.6.27 Ubuntu kernel.
> There are one of two ways you should be able to test:
> 1) If you are comfortable installing packages on your own, the linux-
> image-2.6.27-* package is currently available for you to install and
> test.
> --or--* I prefer the 2nd option !!!*
> 2) The upcoming Alpha5 for Intrepid Ibex 8.10 will contain this newer
> 2.6.27 Ubuntu kernel. Alpha5 is set to be released Thursday Sept 4.
> Please watch for Alpha5 to be announced.
> You should then be able to test via a LiveCD. *It's already yhe case. Today, august 29 I've got and I'm upgrading to (ahead from your planning Sept 4!!)*
*so far:
The live Cd is working on the PC which did not accept 8.04
USB key is also working fine. Good job, Thx*
> Please let us know immediately if this newer 2.6.27 kernel resolves the
> bug reported here or if the issue remains. More importantly, please
> open a new bug report for each new bug/regression introduced by the
> 2.6.27 kernel and tag the bug report with 'linux-2.6.27'. Also, please
> specifically note if the issue does or does not appear in the 2.6.26
> kernel. Thanks again, we really appreicate your help and feedback.
> ** Tags added: cft-2.6.27