Jammy update: v5.15.93 upstream stable release

Bug #2012665 reported by Kamal Mostafa
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linux (Ubuntu)
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Kamal Mostafa

Bug Description

SRU Justification

       The upstream process for stable tree updates is quite similar
       in scope to the Ubuntu SRU process, e.g., each patch has to
       demonstrably fix a bug, and each patch is vetted by upstream
       by originating either directly from a mainline/stable Linux tree or
       a minimally backported form of that patch. The following upstream
       stable patches should be included in the Ubuntu kernel:

       v5.15.93 upstream stable release
       from git://git.kernel.org/

firewire: fix memory leak for payload of request subaction to IEC 61883-1 FCP region
bus: sunxi-rsb: Fix error handling in sunxi_rsb_init()
ASoC: Intel: boards: fix spelling in comments
ASoC: Intel: bytcht_es8316: move comment to the right place
ASoC: Intel: bytcht_es8316: Drop reference count of ACPI device after use
ASoC: Intel: bytcr_rt5651: Drop reference count of ACPI device after use
ASoC: Intel: bytcr_rt5640: Drop reference count of ACPI device after use
ASoC: Intel: bytcr_wm5102: Drop reference count of ACPI device after use
bpf: Fix a possible task gone issue with bpf_send_signal[_thread]() helpers
ALSA: hda/via: Avoid potential array out-of-bound in add_secret_dac_path()
bpf: Support <8-byte scalar spill and refill
bpf: Fix to preserve reg parent/live fields when copying range info
bpf, sockmap: Check for any of tcp_bpf_prots when cloning a listener
arm64: dts: imx8mm: Fix pad control for UART1_DTE_RX
drm/vc4: hdmi: make CEC adapter name unique
scsi: Revert "scsi: core: map PQ=1, PDT=other values to SCSI_SCAN_TARGET_PRESENT"
vhost/net: Clear the pending messages when the backend is removed
WRITE is "data source", not destination...
READ is "data destination", not source...
fix iov_iter_bvec() "direction" argument
fix "direction" argument of iov_iter_kvec()
ice: Prevent set_channel from changing queues while RDMA active
qede: execute xdp_do_flush() before napi_complete_done()
virtio-net: execute xdp_do_flush() before napi_complete_done()
dpaa_eth: execute xdp_do_flush() before napi_complete_done()
dpaa2-eth: execute xdp_do_flush() before napi_complete_done()
sfc: correctly advertise tunneled IPv6 segmentation
net: phy: dp83822: Fix null pointer access on DP83825/DP83826 devices
block/bfq-iosched.c: use "false" rather than "BLK_RW_ASYNC"
block, bfq: replace 0/1 with false/true in bic apis
block, bfq: fix uaf for bfqq in bic_set_bfqq()
netrom: Fix use-after-free caused by accept on already connected socket
drm/i915/guc: Fix locking when searching for a hung request
drm/i915/adlp: Fix typo for reference clock
netfilter: br_netfilter: disable sabotage_in hook after first suppression
squashfs: harden sanity check in squashfs_read_xattr_id_table
net: phy: meson-gxl: Add generic dummy stubs for MMD register access
ip/ip6_gre: Fix changing addr gen mode not generating IPv6 link local address
ip/ip6_gre: Fix non-point-to-point tunnel not generating IPv6 link local address
riscv: kprobe: Fixup kernel panic when probing an illegal position
igc: return an error if the mac type is unknown in igc_ptp_systim_to_hwtstamp()
can: j1939: fix errant WARN_ON_ONCE in j1939_session_deactivate
ata: libata: Fix sata_down_spd_limit() when no link speed is reported
selftests: net: udpgso_bench_rx: Fix 'used uninitialized' compiler warning
selftests: net: udpgso_bench_rx/tx: Stop when wrong CLI args are provided
selftests: net: udpgso_bench_tx: Cater for pending datagrams zerocopy benchmarking
virtio-net: Keep stop() to follow mirror sequence of open()
net: openvswitch: fix flow memory leak in ovs_flow_cmd_new
efi: fix potential NULL deref in efi_mem_reserve_persistent
i2c: designware-pci: Add new PCI IDs for AMD NAVI GPU
i2c: mxs: suppress probe-deferral error message
scsi: target: core: Fix warning on RT kernels
perf/x86/intel: Add Emerald Rapids
scsi: iscsi_tcp: Fix UAF during logout when accessing the shost ipaddress
scsi: iscsi_tcp: Fix UAF during login when accessing the shost ipaddress
i2c: rk3x: fix a bunch of kernel-doc warnings
platform/x86: gigabyte-wmi: add support for B450M DS3H WIFI-CF
net/x25: Fix to not accept on connected socket
drm/amd/display: Fix timing not changning when freesync video is enabled
iio: adc: stm32-dfsdm: fill module aliases
usb: dwc3: qcom: enable vbus override when in OTG dr-mode
usb: gadget: f_fs: Fix unbalanced spinlock in __ffs_ep0_queue_wait
vc_screen: move load of struct vc_data pointer in vcs_read() to avoid UAF
Input: i8042 - add Clevo PCX0DX to i8042 quirk table
fbcon: Check font dimension limits
net: qrtr: free memory on error path in radix_tree_insert()
watchdog: diag288_wdt: do not use stack buffers for hardware data
watchdog: diag288_wdt: fix __diag288() inline assembly
ALSA: hda/realtek: Add Acer Predator PH315-54
efi: Accept version 2 of memory attributes table
iio: hid: fix the retval in accel_3d_capture_sample
iio: hid: fix the retval in gyro_3d_capture_sample
iio: adc: berlin2-adc: Add missing of_node_put() in error path
iio:adc:twl6030: Enable measurements of VUSB, VBAT and others
iio: imu: fxos8700: fix ACCEL measurement range selection
iio: imu: fxos8700: fix incomplete ACCEL and MAGN channels readback
iio: imu: fxos8700: fix IMU data bits returned to user space
iio: imu: fxos8700: fix map label of channel type to MAGN sensor
iio: imu: fxos8700: fix swapped ACCEL and MAGN channels readback
iio: imu: fxos8700: fix incorrect ODR mode readback
iio: imu: fxos8700: fix failed initialization ODR mode assignment
iio: imu: fxos8700: remove definition FXOS8700_CTRL_ODR_MIN
iio: imu: fxos8700: fix MAGN sensor scale and unit
nvmem: qcom-spmi-sdam: fix module autoloading
parisc: Fix return code of pdc_iodc_print()
parisc: Wire up PTRACE_GETREGS/PTRACE_SETREGS for compat case
riscv: disable generation of unwind tables
mm: hugetlb: proc: check for hugetlb shared PMD in /proc/PID/smaps
usb: gadget: f_uac2: Fix incorrect increment of bNumEndpoints
kernel/irq/irqdomain.c: fix memory leak with using debugfs_lookup()
x86/debug: Fix stack recursion caused by wrongly ordered DR7 accesses
fpga: stratix10-soc: Fix return value check in s10_ops_write_init()
mm/swapfile: add cond_resched() in get_swap_pages()
highmem: round down the address passed to kunmap_flush_on_unmap()
Squashfs: fix handling and sanity checking of xattr_ids count
drm/i915: Fix potential bit_17 double-free
nvmem: core: initialise nvmem->id early
nvmem: core: remove nvmem_config wp_gpio
nvmem: core: fix cell removal on error
serial: 8250_dma: Fix DMA Rx completion race
serial: 8250_dma: Fix DMA Rx rearm race
phy: qcom-qmp-combo: disable runtime PM on unbind
phy: qcom-qmp-combo: fix memleak on probe deferral
phy: qcom-qmp-usb: fix memleak on probe deferral
phy: qcom-qmp-combo: fix broken power on
phy: qcom-qmp-combo: fix runtime suspend
bpf: Fix incorrect state pruning for <8B spill/fill
bpf: Do not reject when the stack read size is different from the tracked scalar size
iio:adc:twl6030: Enable measurement of VAC
powerpc/imc-pmu: Revert nest_init_lock to being a mutex
fs/ntfs3: Validate attribute data and valid sizes
ovl: Use "buf" flexible array for memcpy() destination
fbdev: smscufx: fix error handling code in ufx_usb_probe
f2fs: fix to do sanity check on i_extra_isize in is_alive()
wifi: brcmfmac: Check the count value of channel spec to prevent out-of-bounds reads
gfs2: Cosmetic gfs2_dinode_{in,out} cleanup
gfs2: Always check inode size of inline inodes
bpf: Skip invalid kfunc call in backtrack_insn
Linux 5.15.93
UBUNTU: Upstream stable to v5.15.93

CVE References

Changed in linux (Ubuntu):
status: New → Confirmed
tags: added: kernel-stable-tracking-bug
Changed in linux (Ubuntu):
status: Confirmed → Invalid
Changed in linux (Ubuntu Jammy):
status: New → In Progress
importance: Undecided → Medium
assignee: nobody → Kamal Mostafa (kamalmostafa)
description: updated
Stefan Bader (smb)
Changed in linux (Ubuntu Jammy):
status: In Progress → Fix Committed
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Launchpad Janitor (janitor) wrote :
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This bug was fixed in the package linux - 5.15.0-72.79

linux (5.15.0-72.79) jammy; urgency=medium

  * jammy/linux: 5.15.0-72.79 -proposed tracker (LP: #2016548)

  * Add split lock detection for EMR (LP: #2015855)
    - x86/split_lock: Enumerate architectural split lock disable bit

  * selftest: fib_tests: Always cleanup before exit (LP: #2015956)
    - selftest: fib_tests: Always cleanup before exit

  * Add support for intel EMR cpu (LP: #2015372)
    - platform/x86: intel-uncore-freq: add Emerald Rapids support
    - perf/x86/intel/cstate: Add Emerald Rapids
    - perf/x86/rapl: Add support for Intel Emerald Rapids
    - intel_idle: add Emerald Rapids Xeon support
    - tools/power/x86/intel-speed-select: Add Emerald Rapid quirk
    - tools/power turbostat: Introduce support for EMR
    - powercap: intel_rapl: add support for Emerald Rapids
    - EDAC/i10nm: Add Intel Emerald Rapids server support

  * Kernel livepatch ftrace graph fix (LP: #2013603)
    - kprobes: treewide: Remove trampoline_address from
    - kprobes: treewide: Make it harder to refer kretprobe_trampoline directly
    - kprobes: Add kretprobe_find_ret_addr() for searching return address
    - s390/unwind: recover kretprobe modified return address in stacktrace
    - s390/unwind: fix fgraph return address recovery

  * Jammy update: v5.15.98 upstream stable release (LP: #2015600)
    - Linux 5.15.98

  * Jammy update: v5.15.97 upstream stable release (LP: #2015599)
    - ionic: refactor use of ionic_rx_fill()
    - Fix XFRM-I support for nested ESP tunnels
    - arm64: dts: rockchip: drop unused LED mode property from rk3328-roc-cc
    - ARM: dts: rockchip: add power-domains property to dp node on rk3288
    - HID: elecom: add support for TrackBall 056E:011C
    - ACPI: NFIT: fix a potential deadlock during NFIT teardown
    - btrfs: send: limit number of clones and allocated memory size
    - ASoC: rt715-sdca: fix clock stop prepare timeout issue
    - IB/hfi1: Assign npages earlier
    - neigh: make sure used and confirmed times are valid
    - HID: core: Fix deadloop in hid_apply_multiplier.
    - x86/cpu: Add Lunar Lake M
    - staging: mt7621-dts: change palmbus address to lower case
    - bpf: bpf_fib_lookup should not return neigh in NUD_FAILED state
    - net: Remove WARN_ON_ONCE(sk->sk_forward_alloc) from sk_stream_kill_queues().
    - vc_screen: don't clobber return value in vcs_read
    - scripts/tags.sh: Invoke 'realpath' via 'xargs'
    - scripts/tags.sh: fix incompatibility with PCRE2
    - usb: dwc3: pci: add support for the Intel Meteor Lake-M
    - USB: serial: option: add support for VW/Skoda "Carstick LTE"
    - usb: gadget: u_serial: Add null pointer check in gserial_resume
    - USB: core: Don't hold device lock while reading the "descriptors" sysfs file
    - Linux 5.15.97

  * Jammy update: v5.15.96 upstream stable release (LP: #2015595)
    - drm/etnaviv: don't truncate physical page address
    - wifi: rtl8xxxu: gen2: Turn on the rate control
    - drm/edid: Fix minimum bpc supported with DSC1.2 for HDMI sink
    - clk: mxl: Switch from direct readl/writel based IO to regmap based IO
    - ...

Changed in linux (Ubuntu Jammy):
status: Fix Committed → Fix Released
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