Comment 8 for bug 194523

moa3333 (moa3333) wrote :

Yes, my card works now as well as it was working with the firmwares b43-fwcutter version 11 from the web site.... despite the "_rename".

On the other hand, i observed that this "system freeze" happends more offten when i play the game openttd (using 2D acceletation) than whe just using firefox under 3D acceletated compiz.

I wonder if there is an nvidia problem (with gutsy i had a memory leak, it seems that now there is no more memory leek but also i was not able to keep the computer on more than a few howers to see).

I really have no clue on the real cause of this problem and i don't know how to find because i have difficulties finding the cause of a kernel bug that leaves no trace as far as i know....