Comment 5 for bug 194523

Gert Kulyk (gkulyk) wrote :

You should _uninstall_ the compat-linux-wireless drivers, not reinstall them. Please get rid of these drivers before you do anything else.

Hardy kernel already includes the b43 and b43legacy drivers, there is no need for recompiling them from the package prepared by The sources on the are meant for people who are running a pre-2.4.24 kernel and/or are driver-developers, they are updated frequently so one version may work, another not. If you are not a driver-developer (and I'm rather sure you are not;-)), you should not use them on hardy-kernel.
The Versions in 2.6.24 are needing other firmware-version than the ones upstream, so b43-fwcutter from hardy cannot help you in getting to work the compat-linux-wireless drivers, only the ones included in hardy default kernel.
b43-fwcutter package is only for installing the needed firmware, it should call /usr/share/b43-fwcutter/ on installation, which results in two new directories in /lib/firmware: b43 and b43legacy. If you've installed the package but there are no such directories in the given place, you'll need to run the script as root manually.