Comment 0 for bug 1838115

Colin Ian King (colin-king) wrote :

Installed Bionic 18.04.2 i386 Desktop on a Lenovo x220i and upgraded to proposed. The kernel crashes in various ways with video corruption being a main visible featured.

The CPU is a i3-2350M CPU, a 64 bit capable CPU, being booted with EUFI firmware disabled, so using traditional BIOS.

1. Crashes can be just complete hangs, no ability to switch virtual console
2. Crashes may just result in screen turning off, no video and hang and/or reboot
3. Crashes sometimes allow virtual console. Can see watchdog hang checks appearing on 1 or more CPUs.

Tried the i386;O=D kernels: - same issue - same issue - OK

We therefore can conclude:

1. Issue appears between 4.19.61 and 4.20.17
2. Issue is in upstream kernel
3. Issue not a kernel patch per-se (e.g. security fix, ubuntu sauce patch, etc)

I repeated this with a VM installation and I don't see the issue, so this probably is a hardware (or firmware?) specific issue.