Comment 13 for bug 1828763

Hyeonho Seo (seohho) wrote :

Hi, Andrea, thanks for your prompt response.
I tried to build kernel sources applied your patch, and it failed with an error.

/home/np/linux-4.15/zfs/include/sys/trace_dmu.h:65:33: error: ‘dmu_tx_t {aka struct dmu_tx}’ has no member named ‘waited’; did you mean ‘tx_waited’?
      __entry->tx_waited = tx->waited;

According to the error message, the following diff caused the problem.

@@ -62,7 +62,7 @@ DECLARE_EVENT_CLASS(zfs_delay_mintime_class,
      __entry->tx_lastsnap_txg = tx->tx_lastsnap_txg;
      __entry->tx_lasttried_txg = tx->tx_lasttried_txg;
      __entry->tx_anyobj = tx->tx_anyobj;
- __entry->tx_dirty_delayed = tx->tx_dirty_delayed;
+ __entry->tx_waited = tx->waited;

I think we should assign '__entry->tx_waited' as 'tx->tx_waited', not 'tx->waited'.