Comment 38 for bug 1808957

Mihai Stefan (misujr) wrote :

On Asus UX331UN running Linux Mint 19.012 and bios v308 with the same issue of draining the battery in suspend mode, when wake up if you "cat /sys/power/mem_sleep" you get "[s2idle] deep" .

The solution was to install kernel 5.2.11 with the app Ukuu Kernel Update Utility.

The system is running an MX150 with drivers Nvidia versio 430-26-0ubuntu0 18.04.2 and selected GPU is Intel.

I have run tests only on the Intel GPU as I use the Nvidia one too rarely.

After the kernel install and reboot I have left the laptop in suspend mode for 13h55min and the battery drop was 20%. on kernel 4.20.11 I was getting 50% drop in battery while in suspend mode after 5 hours.

IMHO the aforementioned issue in this post is solved .