Comment 4 for bug 1799467

------- Comment From <email address hidden> 2018-11-14 12:24 EDT-------
It's not about graphical user interfaces.

Not having virtio-gpu will retain the usability limitation for a not-so uncommon set of guest administrators, namely those running Windows clients. They can use tools like virt-viewer or other VNC clients to connect to a KVM virtual machine exposing its text console via VNC, at least for x86 (and newer s390x Linux guests configured to enable virtio-gpu). Note that the VNC forwarding really only works meaninful with a framebuffer console.

Without that, they are forced to use something like putty to login to the hypervisor system (with KVM administrative rights) and then use virsh console or so to connect to the guest console. Which is clearly inferior wrt to usability and potentially security aspects.

So, please reconsider your position :).