Comment 60 for bug 1795453

How to Recreate

1. Install Ubuntu 18.04.01 on a separate storage disk.
2. Create VDs on H840/H740 using 9 physical disks
    a. 16 sliced RAID5; 10 GB each
    b. 16 sliced RAID1; 10 GB each
    c. 16 sliced RAID6; 10 GB each
3. Install JAVA
4. Download and copy vdbench to system
    b. I used version 5.4.6 but reporter had 5.4.7
5. Run vdbench test “./vdbench -t”
6. Edit/create vdbench workprofile to match disks on H840
    a. Use lsscsi to show 48 H840/H740 disks
7. Run vd bench with profile
    a. ./vdbench -f vdbenchworkloadprofile.txt