Comment 7 for bug 1791312

Werner Lueckel (werner-lueckel) wrote :

Sorry, but it turned out that the flickering-issue is NOT really fixed with the upstream-kernel.
Sometimes a boot again ends in a flickering screen as before.
Now I have the following scenario:
- boot 14.04.5 LTS with kernel 3.13.0-157
  -> screen is ALWAYS o.k.; NO flickering
- boot 18.04.1 LTS with upstream-kernel 4.19.0-041900rc3
  -> USUALLY the screen is o.k; BUT SOMETIMES the screen flickers as before
  I found no special reason that may cause/avoid the flickering; just reboot and watch ...
  and if the screen flickers, reboot again and the screen may be o.k. ...

So I replaced the tag "kernel-fixed-upstream" by "kernel-bug-exists-upstream".