Comment 20 for bug 1774845

Zakhar (alainb06) wrote :

Hi Christopher,

1) Ok

2) I have tried kernel 4.17.0-994-generic, downloading it from the provided link, same result!
For the exact measure of the "damage", a dmesg with the workaround displays messages from 0.00 to 60.0 sec. With the "bug" it goes up to 266 seconds, which means 3 minutes and 20 seconds more than a normal boot!

3) Ok

4) Unfortunately, I am sorry, I have little time to bissect, and already said I am accepting the workaround since I have no TV-Out on that hardware, and that is what the workaround removes.

5) I will test the patches in #C12, since I already have download the drm-debug kernel from intel repo... provided the patch applies to 4.17
I have read that the correction becomes non-trivial after 4.14.
I'll report soon on that.