Comment 6 for bug 1755470

------- Comment From <email address hidden> 2018-04-05 10:28 EDT-------
I have installed the proposed kernel and test it on a P9 DD2.2 Machine with follow results:

$ uname -a
Linux ltc-wspoon3 4.15.0-15-generic #16-Ubuntu SMP Wed Apr 4 13:57:51 UTC 2018 ppc64le ppc64le ppc64le GNU/Linux

$ sudo perf list | grep pm_
power:dev_pm_qos_add_request [Tracepoint event]
power:dev_pm_qos_remove_request [Tracepoint event]
power:dev_pm_qos_update_request [Tracepoint event]
power:device_pm_callback_end [Tracepoint event]
power:device_pm_callback_start [Tracepoint event]
power:pm_qos_add_request [Tracepoint event]
power:pm_qos_remove_request [Tracepoint event]
power:pm_qos_update_flags [Tracepoint event]
power:pm_qos_update_request [Tracepoint event]
power:pm_qos_update_request_timeout [Tracepoint event]
power:pm_qos_update_target [Tracepoint event]
rpm:rpm_idle [Tracepoint event]
rpm:rpm_resume [Tracepoint event]
rpm:rpm_return_int [Tracepoint event]
rpm:rpm_suspend [Tracepoint event]

$ lscpu | grep Model
Model: 2.2 (pvr 004e 1202)
Model name: POWER9, altivec supported