Comment 5 for bug 1745989

Justin Ferguson (jferg) wrote :

Sorry, I guess that would be useful information.

It worked fine when I installed Ubuntu on the laptop sometime in October and updated to 17.10 from 17.04. Based on the kernels I have installed, that was at 4.13.7-041307-generic, but I /may/ be wrong on that - I may have been on an older kernel which is no longer on my disk.

In November, I did a dist-upgrade which took me to 4.13.0-17, where this behavior started, but I was able to work around it via a change I found via bug 1729389. (Unfortunately, I don't remember what the change was. I -think- it was adding bt_coex_active=0 for iwlwifi in /etc/modprobe.d/iwlwifi.conf.

Unfortunately, when I updated last week for SPECTRE/MELTDOWN (to 4.13.0-31 and 4.13.0-32), the workaround stopped working.

I will test the 4.15 kernel in a few.