Comment 611 for bug 1734147

John (mrmagic12) wrote :

1) You must give UUID stored in broken BIOS
           - via USB boot if you can boot Linux and use in terminal "efibootmgr -v"
           - in Windows can be some software for check efibootmg from BIOS
           - if is not chance to boot (HDD formated etc.) try to find via Hxx Freeware hex editor and disk
             editor (i used it from formated HDD find worked UUID)

2) Install ubuntu on another PC

3) Backup partition "sfdisk -d /dev/sda > x.txt"

4) Replace UUID for EFI System Partition with same UUID stored in BIOS in file x.txt

5) Replace Partition with new UUID "sfdisk -f /dev/sda < x.txt"

6) now you have installed Ubuntu and can use Fix from first post