Comment 438 for bug 1734147

I really need some ideas, here's my situation:
I formatted my SSD, my BIOS is in UEFI mode with secure boot enabled and i can't change any settings.
I can only boot from PXE over network ipv4 / ipv6.

I tried to install ubuntu on my SSD with another computer but an user noticed me that EFI boot is looking for an UUID partition of ubuntu that it changed after i formatted my drive.

So i thought that the solution was install successfully ubuntu on my SSD in my stucked laptop and then through efibootmgr command i were able to read which UUID i need to setup into the partition to make the OS bootable.

Using AIOBOOT i'm able to boot grub2 and creating a bootable image of ubuntu the installation begins but it stops for some reason (i think uefi blocked the installation).

In this situation i don't know how to do a kernel update to fix the BIOS.
If anyone have a UEFI (with secure boot) compatible guide to boot and install linux please tell us, i think it's the only way to fix our laptops