Comment 435 for bug 1734147

Hello guys,

I want to add some updates for some of you that still has some hard problems with your laptops..

As @'Leó Kolbeinsson (leok)' said in #411 and @'Anthony M. (thatanthonyguy)' confirmed in #428 and #430 and then @'Leó Kolbeinsson (leok)' reply back again in #433, this can let you boot your bootable USB or CD/DVD to install a new OS but your BIOS is still in read only state, so you can't save any configuration on it. This means that the problem still persist but at least you can install a new OS like Windows and tried to flash BIOS through Windows GUI. (I booted Windows 7 and LinuxMint distro without any problem following those steps).

On the other hand, I followed the steps that @'serj.kzv (serj.kzv)' in #414 (thanks for your reply) shared to me in order to flash the BIOS. So for those who have HP 14 laptop series, I tried to flash the BIOS making a USB BIOS Recovery with severals BIOS files that I downloaded from HP website, but none of those worked. I always ended up with this error message: "Verification of flashed bios image failed". Maybe this is because the BIOS is still in read only state.

If you have a HP 14 series and want to see my entire history just look back in #408 (my first comment in this bug thread)

That's it guys, hopefully we all are close to solve this little nightmare.

Please have a good day!