Comment 432 for bug 1734147

On my Flex 3, updating Ubuntu to kernel 4.14.9 does _not_ help. Has anyone tried a 4.15.0 RC with success?

#384, I experienced the same thing and seems like the only way to get the Flex 3 to boot to the Ubuntu installation was to remove the battery, unplug the CMOS battery, and remove and reconnect the hard drive, then boot up with just the power plugged in, get into the BIOS (Fn+F2 or use the reset button), set boot to legacy mode + legacy first, save settings, and restart ... which obviously does not actually save to the BIOS but after a few weeks of dealing with this problem, it's become a bit of a superstitious ceremony.

I'm not sure if any or all of that was necessary, but it worked this morning. :-(