Comment 39 for bug 1734147

@Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre Yes, I have two issues:

1) BIOS Doesn't work fine. Same problem as @bruno USB Boot doesn't work, DVD boot doesn't work and saving bios settings are lost of exit and save. No white screen just the changes don't persist across reboots.

2) The hard drive failed leaving system non-bootable.

Today I've also tried installing the OS on a new drive and a different computer, booting through PXE to a Ubuntu Live CD and trying to insert a new entry for the new os through efibootmgr.

So far I've learnt that efibootmgr is unable to create a new entry as it errors No such File. And deleting the old EFI entries seems to work but when rebooting to bios the old EFI entries are still there.