Comment 308 for bug 1734147

I can confirm that #294 works on a Lenovo G50-80.
However I did have some hiccups. Basically the I did the 4 steps, but the first time did not work.
It didn't update the boot entries, neither installed the new kernel.

What I did was to boot in the oldest kernel that I had installed: Linux 4.13.0-12-generic
Then redo the steps from #294:

1. Install Ukuu

2. Update the kernel
   Select the kernel 4.14.9 and select Install.

3. Restart the system with the latest kernel
   From GRUB select the option which starts with "Advanced options".
   Select Ubuntu GNU/Linux, with Linux 4.14.9-generic

4. Restart again and go into the BIOS

At this point I'm able to boot into another USB disk that was not able to boot after I hit this bug, hope this help.