Comment 18 for bug 1734147

this is also affecting my bios on the lenovo ideapad 100 15iby however usb booting is still possible.
the troubleshooting steps i have taken are.
1) used lenovo's bios update utility from the drivers site of my bios (direct link)
2)replaced CMOS battery
3)reached out to the staff of lenovo forums and support staff for help and it stumped them
4)tried different OS's (i had ubuntu 17.10 but win server 2016 killed the grub loader (unrelated))
   i tried win server 2016 & win8.1 (the modded version windows 9)
all these were in vein as its still not saving (btw the reason i need server 2016 is to host RDweb applications which you need intel virtualisation on which is how i found this issue)
if anyone has any solution to this pls email me at <email address hidden> or reply to this