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Martin Pichna (mpichna) wrote :

Hello folks,

I've experienced same problem with usb wifi (Tenda U2), which has the same chip - mediatek mt7601u. The wifi dongle would not start and the kern.log reports same errors:

Vendor request req:02 off:0080 failed:-110

I tested this with multiple ubuntu versions - 16.0.4, 14.04 and 18.04. In all of these releases the behaviour is same. Fortunately I found a solution for this and created a small patch mcu.patch - the file that require patch is mcu.c. The patch file is attached.

Nevertheless the patch adds a module's parameter "vnd_reset" (by default set to 1 - preserve current behaviour). But after the module is patched and compiled, you can load the module like:

insmod mt7601u.ko vnd_reset=0

The above will bypass the problematic (for some dongles) function we call in the driver - mt7601u_vendor_reset().
By doing so, I was able to fix the issue for my usb dongle, it works now like a charm.

I'd like to ask Ubuntu community if this patch can be applied across all active ubuntu branches, so anyone who has issues like this can try to load the module with "vnd_reset=0" parameter and see if that fixes issues. By porting this extension to the driver, we'll avoid that the driver has to be re-compiled with a new kernel version.

thanks, martin