Comment 19 for bug 1678184

Chris Sanders (chris.sanders) wrote :

I have an xps15 9550 same as above, same controller, same issue. I set nvme_core.default_ps_max_latency_us=6000 this morning and have ~1 hour right now with no crash. I'll continue to run it today and report back.

The only issue I have seen with the 6k setting which I didn't not see with a setting of 250 was a black screen on boot with an external display connected. I can't imagine how that's affected by this setting. I was able to boot by turning off the display until the laptop was booted and then turning it on which seems to be working. This reliably repeats with the 6k kernel setting with no problem on the 250 setting, at least on the 3-4 reboots I've done in the last two days.