Comment 77 for bug 1655842

iKazmi (alikazmi-2040) wrote :

I have 4.4.0-59 till 4.4.0-71 and 4.8.0-41 till 4.8.0-46 installed on my system and all are affected by this bug. Firefox, Chrome and Netbeans regularly get killed without a warning and for no reason (since I have something like 10GB+ RAM and all 16GB Swap free at the time the process gets killed). Even KDE has been killed a couple of times while the system still had over 6GB RAM and 16GB Swap free.

Yesterday, after the umpteenth time Netbeans was killed while I was in the middle of doing something, I finally decided to do something about this problem and installed Kernel 4.10.9-041009 from Sadly, that doesn't seem to resolve the problem either and Oom Killer is still overeager to kill user processes (Firefox and Netbeans have both been killed multiple times). At least KDE hasn't been killed so far.