Comment 110 for bug 1655842

Erik Hess (p-we-x) wrote :

In our production environment of ~1800 nodes we've seen oom-kill events that looked similar to this bug's pattern - oom-kills killing large server processes while resident memory was far lower than available physical memory.

We were affected by the original bug and saw that issue readily addressed in newer kernel versions, as mentioned in the earlier comments in this ticket. However, we still kept seeing oom-kill events, albeit in far lower numbers over time, that were happening on kernel-upgraded systems. These were a mystery for awhile, largely due to their infrequent occurrence.

After a lot of research we think we've pinned it down to a subset of our multi-socket servers that have >1 NUMA memory pools. After implementing some scripts to track NUMA stats we've observed that one of the two NUMA pools is being fully utilized while the other has large amounts of memory to spare (often 90-95%) Either our server app, the JVM its running on, or the kernel itself isn't handling the NUMA memory pooling well and we're ending up exhausting an entire NUMA pool.

Work is ongoing to see the causality chain that's leading to this. We don't yet have confirmation about whether its something our app (or its libraries) is doing, if we just need to make the JVM NUMA-aware with args, or if there's kernel tuning to be done. But I did want to mention it here as a warning to folks running on multi-NUMA-pool multi-socket systems seeing similar behavior.