Comment 12 for bug 159521

SixedUp (disposable01) wrote :

For what its worth, I decided to copy some 10GB of data from my RAID1 drives, over to the drive attached to the PCI card, which is now NOT part of a raid set. I tarred the data up, and ran it through bzip2, which resulted in the system being completely CPU bound (very low-powered CPU), and limiting the speed of the transfer. It took some 6 hours to actually move all the data across, but I got no errors during the copy at all. I then copied the 10GB backup to another directory on the same drive, and this time I get all the same errors as previously reported. Currently estimating that it will take around 1 hour to move the data (with errors, freezes, etc) so much higher basic data rates. Looks like the sata_sil driver and the 3512 run into problems with high load or io rates.