Comment 7 for bug 1533043

Dave Chiluk (chiluk) wrote :

Thanks apw for the backport and pushing the patches to the kernel-team mailing list.

I have packaged up apw's backport for the trusty kernels, and put them in a ppa for testing
I will push kernels for vivid and wily to that ppa as well shortly.

I would greatly appreciate if I could get some testing from the many users on this bug verifying that the kernels in the ppa resolve the issue. When responding please indicate which kernel you tested *(3.13, 3.16, 3.19, 4.2). Additionally if someone has already tested the kernel you are testing there is no need to report that here unless your testing conflicts with the earlier report *(i.e. someone says it works, but it fails for you).

Also please remember to install both the linux-image package and the linux-image-extra package as both are required for baremetal installations. If you have dkms modules please remember to install the -headers package as well.

That being said the kernels are still building as of this writing, and should probably take another hour or two as they are being built with debug packages enabled just in case..

Thank you,