Comment 29 for bug 1505948

Found a workaround (not a fix):

I recompiled kernel-4.2.5-201.fc22.x86_64 to use the older SLAB allocator instead of the default SLUB allocator. Problem avoided. No more crash when using glusterfs (fuse).

Now.. what the -bleep- is wrong with SLUB?

While using SLAB is a workaround (at least it seems to be working so far; knock-on-wood), I am uncertain what performance impacts it is going to have on my virtualization cluster. :-(

And without a run/boot-time method of switching between allocators, I am now going to have to compile my customized kernel from here on out.. not a big deal, but a nuisance.. and have to take extra care to make sure to never boot into a distro-built kernel by mistake and have everything come crashing down.