Comment 19 for bug 1498667

Robert Ancell (robert-ancell) wrote :

I ran through some more kernels and then when I re-tested 4.2.0-040200rc1-generic it did not work. So I re-tested some kernels doing five runs each time. (B=Broken, W=Works)

3.19.0-50-generic - WWWWW
4.2.0-040200rc1-generic - WBBBW
4.2.0-040200rc2-generic - BBBWW (201507151846)
4.4.0-6-generic - BBBBW

So it appears it has gone from working reliably in 3.19 to being unreliable in 4.x, failing in the order of 20-40% of each boot.

Note I blacklisted the hid-multitouch module so for these tests I was manually modprobing it after boot. Also 4.4 tends to boot slower than 4.2.