Comment 17 for bug 1488426

Peter Curtis (pdcurtis) wrote :

I have carried out some more comprehensive tests using the kernel in #4 over the weekend and found it does improve my situation far more than my initial quick test showed. Most of the rather bizarre behaviour has gone include the changes with power from battery to external and the importance of suspending.
Once kworker spinning has started it can now be _predictably_ stopped when using your kernel by:
    Any USB 2 device being plugged into any USB port or a USB 3 device plugged into the USB 2 port
    The internal Bluetooth being turned on so that it shows up as USB device
    The internal Web cam being used (by cheese during my test).
Note running the web cam does not change what is shown by lsusb -t, everything else which stops spinning shows as a new device being connected in dmesg and appears in lsusb.
Although the kernel in #4 does not completely solve the problem it is obviously addresses the correct area and in my case makes the machine usable without having anything plugged into a usb port, keeping bluetooth on is sufficient.

@AceLan What is the status of the patch and other work on the issue? Is there anything else I can do to progress the work?