Comment 10 for bug 1486670

Dan Streetman (ddstreet) wrote :

> To speed up reproduction of this bug, lower the xfrm4_gc_thresh to a value ABOVE (2 * 4096 * CPUS), but close to it -
> e.g. something like 10k * CPUS

sorry got the math wrong on the verification - the xfrm4_gc_thresh should be set to above ((4096 * CPUS) / 2), so something like 4K * CPUS, or even (2K * CPUS) + 4k; basically just above the max flowcache limit, plus a bit for dst entries that are released but not yet freed/cleaned yet.

And to re-affirm, for production use the xfrm4_gc_thresh should NEVER be set to anything other than INT_MAX (i.e., a number higher than 4k * 2 * CPUS) - there's absolutely no benefit to setting it any lower than max, and a real chance of causing failures if set too low.