Vivid update to 3.19.8-ckt4 stable release

Bug #1479048 reported by Luis Henriques on 2015-07-28
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linux (Ubuntu)
Luis Henriques

Bug Description

SRU Justification

       The upstream process for stable tree updates is quite similar
       in scope to the Ubuntu SRU process, e.g., each patch has to
       demonstrably fix a bug, and each patch is vetted by upstream
       by originating either directly from Linus' tree or in a minimally
       backported form of that patch. The 3.19.8-ckt4 upstream stable
       patch set is now available. It should be included in the Ubuntu
       kernel as well.



       The following patches are in the 3.19.8-ckt4 stable release:

net: don't wait for order-3 page allocation
sctp: fix ASCONF list handling
bridge: fix br_stp_set_bridge_priority race conditions
packet: read num_members once in packet_rcv_fanout()
packet: avoid out of bounds read in round robin fanout
neigh: do not modify unlinked entries
tcp: Do not call tcp_fastopen_reset_cipher from interrupt context
net/mlx4_en: Release TX QP when destroying TX ring
net/mlx4_en: Wake TX queues only when there's enough room
net/mlx4_en: Fix wrong csum complete report when rxvlan offload is disabled
net: phy: fix phy link up when limiting speed via device tree
bnx2x: fix lockdep splat
sctp: Fix race between OOTB responce and route removal
amd-xgbe: Add the __GFP_NOWARN flag to Rx buffer allocation
net: mvneta: introduce compatible string "marvell, armada-xp-neta"
ARM: mvebu: update Ethernet compatible string for Armada XP
net: mvneta: disable IP checksum with jumbo frames for Armada 370
sparc: Use GFP_ATOMIC in ldc_alloc_exp_dring() as it can be called in softirq context
[media] s5h1420: fix a buffer overflow when checking userspace params
[media] cx24116: fix a buffer overflow when checking userspace params
[media] af9013: Don't accept invalid bandwidth
[media] cx24117: fix a buffer overflow when checking userspace params
[media] saa7164: fix querycap warning
[media] cx18: add missing caps for the PCM video device
bus: arm-ccn: Fix node->XP config conversion
ARM: tegra20: Store CPU "resettable" status in IRAM
iio: accel: kxcjk-1013: add the "KXCJ9000" ACPI id
video: mxsfb: Make sure axi clock is enabled when accessing registers
spi: fix race freeing dummy_tx/rx before it is unmapped
mtd: fix: avoid race condition when accessing mtd->usecount
[media] rc-core: fix dib0700 scancode generation for RC5
intel_pstate: set BYT MSR with wrmsrl_on_cpu()
leds / PM: fix hibernation on arm when gpio-led used with CPU led trigger
crypto: talitos - avoid memleak in talitos_alg_alloc()
Revert "crypto: talitos - convert to use be16_add_cpu()"
genirq: devres: Fix testing return value of request_any_context_irq()
ASoC: wm8737: Fixup setting VMID Impedance control register
ASoC: wm8903: Fix define for WM8903_VMID_RES_250K
[media] media: Fix regression in some more dib0700 based devices
mnt: Refactor the logic for mounting sysfs and proc in a user namespace
ASoC: wm8955: Fix setting wrong register for WM8955_K_8_0_MASK bits
of/pci: Fix pci_address_to_pio() conversion of CPU address to I/O port
scsi_transport_srp: Introduce srp_wait_for_queuecommand()
scsi_transport_srp: Fix a race condition
IB/srp: Remove an extraneous scsi_host_put() from an error path
IB/srp: Fix a connection setup race
IB/srp: Fix connection state tracking
IB/srp: Fix reconnection failure handling
KVM: mips: use id_to_memslot correctly
ima: skip measurement of cgroupfs files and update documentation
ima: do not measure or appraise the NSFS filesystem
KEYS: fix "ca_keys=" partial key matching
PCI: Propagate the "ignore hotplug" setting to parent
mei: txe: reduce suspend/resume time
w1_therm reference count family data
tty/serial: at91: RS485 mode: 0 is valid for delay_rts_after_send
spi: orion: Fix maximum baud rates for Armada 370/XP
rtlwifi: Remove the clear interrupt routine from all drivers
drm/radeon: take the mode_config mutex when dealing with hpds (v2)
rcu: Correctly handle non-empty Tiny RCU callback list with none ready
ASoC: arizona: Fix noise generator gain TLV
usb: dwc3: gadget: don't clear EP_BUSY too early
dm cache: fix race when issuing a POLICY_REPLACE operation
PCI: Add pci_bus_addr_t
staging: rtl8712: prevent buffer overrun in recvbuf2recvframe
usb: core: Fix USB 3.0 devices lost in NOTATTACHED state after a hub port reset
staging: vt6655: device_rx_srv check sk_buff is NULL
fixing infinite OPEN loop in 4.0 stateid recovery
megaraid_sas : Modify return value of megasas_issue_blocked_cmd() and wait_and_poll() to consider command status returned by firmware
ideapad_laptop: Lenovo G50-30 fix rfkill reports wireless blocked
powerpc/perf: Fix book3s kernel to userspace backtraces
gpio: crystalcove: set IRQCHIP_SKIP_SET_WAKE for the irqchip
SUNRPC: Fix a memory leak in the backchannel code
ipr: Increase default adapter init stage change timeout
Btrfs: don't invalidate root dentry when subvolume deletion fails
ARM: at91/dt: sama5d4ek: mci0 uses slot 0
mnt: Modify fs_fully_visible to deal with locked ro nodev and atime
ASoC: tas2552: Fix kernel crash when the codec is loaded but not part of a card
ASoC: tas2552: Fix kernel crash caused by wrong kcontrol entry
drm/qxl: Do not cause spice-server to clean our objects
drm/qxl: Do not leak memory if qxl_release_list_add fails
ASoC: rt5645: Init jack_detect_work before registering irq
selinux: fix setting of security labels on NFS
ath3k: Add support of 0489:e076 AR3012 device
ath3k: add support of 13d3:3474 AR3012 device
Bluetooth: btusb: Fix memory leak in Intel setup routine
ath9k: fix DMA stop sequence for AR9003+
b43: fix support for 14e4:4321 PCI dev with BCM4321 chipset
cdc-acm: Add support of ATOL FPrint fiscal printers
NFC: st21nfcb: Remove inappropriate kfree on a devm_kzalloc pointer
NFC: st21nfcb: Do not remove header once the payload is sent
NFC: st21nfcb: remove st21nfcb_nci_i2c_disable
PCI: pciehp: Wait for hotplug command completion where necessary
regulator: core: fix constraints output buffer
ACPI / PM: Add missing pm_generic_complete() invocation
x86/PCI: Use host bridge _CRS info on Foxconn K8M890-8237A
pinctrl: mvebu: armada-38x: fix PCIe functions
pinctrl: mvebu: armada-370: fix spi0 pin description
pinctrl: mvebu: armada-375: remove non-existing NAND re/we pins
pinctrl: mvebu: armada-xp: remove non-existing NAND pins
pinctrl: mvebu: armada-xp: remove non-existing VDD cpu_pd functions
pinctrl: mvebu: armada-xp: fix functions of MPP48
pinctrl: mvebu: armada-375: remove incorrect space in pin description
pinctrl: mvebu: armada-38x: fix incorrect total number of GPIOs
i2c: at91: fix a race condition when using the DMA controller
dmaengine: mv_xor: bug fix for racing condition in descriptors cleanup
ASoC: wm8960: the enum of "DAC Polarity" should be wm8960_enum[1]
arm64: Do not attempt to use init_mm in reset_context()
ext4: fix race between truncate and __ext4_journalled_writepage()
Disable write buffering on Toshiba ToPIC95
mei: me: wait for power gating exit confirmation
fs/ufs: revert "ufs: fix deadlocks introduced by sb mutex merge"
jbd2: use GFP_NOFS in jbd2_cleanup_journal_tail()
regmap: Fix regmap_bulk_read in BE mode
jbd2: fix ocfs2 corrupt when updating journal superblock fails
ideapad: fix software rfkill setting
fs/ufs: restore s_lock mutex
regmap: Fix possible shift overflow in regmap_field_init()
ima: fix ima_show_template_data_ascii()
ima: add support for new "euid" policy condition
ima: extend "mask" policy matching support
nfs: increase size of EXCHANGE_ID name string buffer
vTPM: set virtual device before passing to ibmvtpm_reset_crq
Input: pixcir_i2c_ts - fix receive error
arm: KVM: force execution of HCPTR access on VM exit
ARM: kvm: psci: fix handling of unimplemented functions
arm64: entry: fix context tracking for el0_sp_pc
i2c: mux: Use __i2c_transfer() instead of calling parent's master_xfer()
i2c: mux: pca954x: Use __i2c_transfer because of quirks
arm64: mm: Fix freeing of the wrong memmap entries with !SPARSEMEM_VMEMMAP
dm space map metadata: fix occasional leak of a metadata block on resize
KVM: arm/arm64: vgic: Avoid injecting reserved IRQ numbers
ARM: mvebu: fix suspend to RAM on big-endian configurations
dm stats: fix divide by zero if 'number_of_areas' arg is zero
x86/PCI: Use host bridge _CRS info on systems with >32 bit addressing
pNFS: Fix a memory leak when attempted pnfs fails
NFS: Ensure we set NFS_CONTEXT_RESEND_WRITES when requeuing writes
ACPI / PNP: Avoid conflicting resource reservations
Bluetooth: ath3k: add support of 04ca:300f AR3012 device
Bluetooth: ath3k: Add support of 04ca:300d AR3012 device
libata: Do not blacklist Micron M500DC
arm64: vdso: work-around broken ELF toolchains in Makefile
iommu/amd: Handle large pages correctly in free_pagetable
ext4: call sync_blockdev() before invalidate_bdev() in put_super()
MIPS: Fix KVM guest fixmap address
xfs: fix remote symlinks on V5/CRC filesystems
ext4: don't retry file block mapping on bigalloc fs with non-extent file
drm/dp/mst: make sure mst_primary mstb is valid in work function
drm/dp/mst: take lock around looking up the branch device on hpd irq
NET: ROSE: Don't dereference NULL neighbour pointer.
netfilter: nf_qeueue: Drop queue entries on nf_unregister_hook
of/address: use atomic allocation in pci_register_io_range()
fs: Fix S_NOSEC handling
stmmac: troubleshoot unexpected bits in des0 & des1
ACPI / resources: free memory on error in add_region_before()
PM / sleep: Increase default DPM watchdog timeout to 60
rtc: snvs: fix wakealarm by call enable_irq_wake earlier
ARC: add compiler barrier to LLSC based cmpxchg
ARC: add smp barriers around atomics per Documentation/atomic_ops.txt
mm: kmemleak: allow safe memory scanning during kmemleak disabling
mm: kmemleak_alloc_percpu() should follow the gfp from per_alloc()
drm/dp/mst: close deadlock in connector destruction.
dell-laptop: Fix allocating & freeing SMI buffer page
ALSA: hda - Fix Dock Headphone on Thinkpad X250 seen as a Line Out
ALSA: hda - set proper caps for newer AMD hda audio in KB/KV
s390/kdump: fix REGSET_VX_LOW vector register ELF notes
ARM64: smp: Fix suspicious RCU usage with ipi tracepoints
arm64: bpf: fix out-of-bounds read in bpf2a64_offset()
tracing/filter: Do not WARN on operand count going below zero
tracing/filter: Do not allow infix to exceed end of string
arm64: bpf: fix endianness conversion bugs
clocksource: exynos_mct: Avoid blocking calls in the cpu hotplug notifier
ALSA: hda - Add headset support to Acer Aspire V5
ALSA: hda - Fix the dock headphone output on Fujitsu Lifebook E780
agp/intel: Fix typo in needs_ilk_vtd_wa()
drm/i915: fix backlight after resume on 855gm
drm/radeon: compute ring fix hibernation (CI GPU family) v2.
drm/radeon: SDMA fix hibernation (CI GPU family).
crush: fix a bug in tree bucket decode
rbd: use GFP_NOIO in rbd_obj_request_create()
arm64: Don't report clear pmds and puds as huge
fuse: initialize fc->release before calling it
vfs: Ignore unlocked mounts in fs_fully_visible
VFS: Introduce inode-getting helpers for layered/unioned fs environments
fs: Add helper functions for permanently empty directories.
sysctl: Allow creating permanently empty directories that serve as mountpoints.
proc: Allow creating permanently empty directories that serve as mount points
kernfs: Add support for always empty directories.
sysfs: Add support for permanently empty directories to serve as mount points.
sysfs: Create mountpoints with sysfs_create_mount_point
mnt: Update fs_fully_visible to test for permanently empty directories
vfs: Remove incorrect debugging WARN in prepend_path
hwmon: (nct7802) fix visibility of temp3
hwmon: (mcp3021) Fix broken output scaling
ACPICA: Tables: Enable both 32-bit and 64-bit FACS
ACPICA: Tables: Fix an issue that FACS initialization is performed twice
ACPICA: Tables: Enable default 64-bit FADT addresses favor
KVM: x86: make vapics_in_nmi_mode atomic
KVM: x86: properly restore LVT0
KVM: s390: virtio-ccw: don't overwrite config space values
9p: forgetting to cancel request on interrupted zero-copy RPC
bridge: multicast: restore router configuration on port link down/up
ath10k: clear htt.freq
cfg80211: ignore netif running state when changing iftype
mm/hugetlb: introduce minimum hugepage order
mmc: sdhci: Restore behavior while creating OCR mask
hrtimer: Allow concurrent hrtimer_start() for self restarting timers
ARM: dove: fix legacy dove IRQ numbers
sched/fair: Prevent throttling in early pick_next_task_fair()
watchdog: omap: assert the counter being stopped before reprogramming
ufs: Fix possible deadlock when looking up directories
net: dsa: bcm_sf2: properly propagate carrier down state for MoCA
gpiolib: Add missing dummies for the unified device properties interface
ASoC: imx-wm8962: Add a missing error check
phy: twl4030-usb: remove incorrect pm_runtime_get_sync() in probe function.
IB/mlx4: Convert slave port before building address-handle
drm/tegra: dpaux: Fix transfers larger than 4 bytes
ath10k: add extra check for frame tracing
perf: Fix ring_buffer_attach() RCU sync, again
mmc: card: Fixup request missing in mmc_blk_issue_rw_rq
ipip: fix one sparse error
__bitmap_parselist: fix bug in empty string handling
powerpc/pseries: Fix possible leaked device node reference
ath9k_htc: memory corruption calling set_bit()
ARM: 8371/1: always select IRQ_WORK on SMP
tty: remove platform_sysrq_reset_seq
ath10k: fix insufficient tracing buffer size
pktgen: adjust flag NO_TIMESTAMP to be more pktgen compliant
mtd: dc21285: use raw spinlock functions for nw_gpio_lock
rndis_wlan: harmless issue calling set_bit()
clk: ti: dra7-atl-clock: Fix possible ERR_PTR dereference
MIPS: Octeon: Set OHCI and EHCI MMIO byte order to match CPU
NFS: Fix size of NFSACL SETACL operations
security_syslog() should be called once only
pktgen: adjust spacing in proc file interface output
ARM: 8372/1: KGDB does not build on BE32
of: return NUMA_NO_NODE from fallback of_node_to_nid()
HID: i2c-hid: fix harmless test_bit() issue
iwlwifi: mvm: fix ROC reference accounting
samples/bpf: fix in-source build of samples with clang
ACPI / init: Switch over platform to the ACPI mode later
HID: rmi: fix some harmless BIT() mistakes
mac80211: prevent possible crypto tx tailroom corruption
mac80211: fix the beacon csa counter for mesh and ibss
USB: devio: fix a condition in async_completed()
e1000e: Cleanup handling of VLAN_HLEN as a part of max frame size
clk: Fix JSON output in debugfs
net/mlx4_core: Enhance the MAD_IFC wrapper to convert VF port to physical
Btrfs: lock superblock before remounting for rw subvol
Linux 3.19.8-ckt4

Luis Henriques (henrix) on 2015-07-28
tags: added: kernel-stable-tracking-bug
Changed in linux (Ubuntu):
status: New → Invalid
Luis Henriques (henrix) on 2015-07-28
description: updated
Changed in linux (Ubuntu Vivid):
assignee: nobody → Luis Henriques (henrix)
Luis Henriques (henrix) on 2015-07-28
Changed in linux (Ubuntu Vivid):
status: New → Fix Committed
Launchpad Janitor (janitor) wrote :
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This bug was fixed in the package linux - 3.19.0-26.28

linux (3.19.0-26.28) vivid; urgency=low

  [ Luis Henriques ]

  * Release Tracking Bug
    - LP: #1483630

  [ Upstream Kernel Changes ]

  * Revert "Bluetooth: ath3k: Add support of 04ca:300d AR3012 device"

linux (3.19.0-26.27) vivid; urgency=low

  [ Luis Henriques ]

  * Release Tracking Bug
    - LP: #1479055
  * [Config] updateconfigs for 3.19.8-ckt4 stable update

  [ Chris J Arges ]

    - LP: #1464560

  [ Mika Kuoppala ]

  * SAUCE: i915_bpo: drm/i915: Fix divide by zero on watermark update
    - LP: #1473175

  [ Tim Gardner ]

  * [Config] ACORN_PARTITION=n
    - LP: #1453117
  * [Config] Add i40e[vf] to d-i
    - LP: #1476393

  [ Timo Aaltonen ]

  * SAUCE: i915_bpo: Rebase to v4.2-rc3
    - LP: #1473175
  * SAUCE: i915_bpo: Revert "mm/fault, drm/i915: Use pagefault_disabled()
    to check for disabled pagefaults"
    - LP: #1473175
  * SAUCE: i915_bpo: Revert "drm: i915: Port to new backlight interface
    selection API"
    - LP: #1473175

  [ Upstream Kernel Changes ]

  * Revert "tools/vm: fix page-flags build"
    - LP: #1473547
  * Revert "ALSA: hda - Add mute-LED mode control to Thinkpad"
    - LP: #1473547
  * Revert "drm/radeon: adjust pll when audio is not enabled"
    - LP: #1473547
  * Revert "crypto: talitos - convert to use be16_add_cpu()"
    - LP: #1479048
  * module: Call module notifier on failure after complete_formation()
    - LP: #1473547
  * gpio: gpio-kempld: Fix get_direction return value
    - LP: #1473547
  * ARM: dts: imx27: only map 4 Kbyte for fec registers
    - LP: #1473547
  * ARM: 8356/1: mm: handle non-pmd-aligned end of RAM
    - LP: #1473547
  * x86/mce: Fix MCE severity messages
    - LP: #1473547
  * mac80211: don't use napi_gro_receive() outside NAPI context
    - LP: #1473547
  * iwlwifi: mvm: Free fw_status after use to avoid memory leak
    - LP: #1473547
  * iwlwifi: mvm: clean net-detect info if device was reset during suspend
    - LP: #1473547
  * drm/plane-helper: Adapt cursor hack to transitional helpers
    - LP: #1473547
  * ARM: dts: set display clock correctly for exynos4412-trats2
    - LP: #1473547
  * hwmon: (ntc_thermistor) Ensure iio channel is of type IIO_VOLTAGE
    - LP: #1473547
  * mfd: da9052: Fix broken regulator probe
    - LP: #1473547
  * ALSA: hda - Fix noise on AMD radeon 290x controller
    - LP: #1473547
  * lguest: fix out-by-one error in address checking.
    - LP: #1473547
  * xfs: xfs_attr_inactive leaves inconsistent attr fork state behind
    - LP: #1473547
  * xfs: xfs_iozero can return positive errno
    - LP: #1473547
  * fs, omfs: add NULL terminator in the end up the token list
    - LP: #1473547
  * omfs: fix sign confusion for bitmap loop counter
    - LP: #1473547
  * d_walk() might skip too much
    - LP: #1473547
  * dm: fix casting bug in dm_merge_bvec()
    - LP: #1473547
  * hwmon: (nct6775) Add missing sysfs attribute initialization
    - LP: #1473547
  * hwmon: (nct6683) Add missing sysfs attribute initialization
    - LP: #1473547
  * target/pscsi: Don't leak scsi_host if hba is VIRTUAL_HOST
    - LP: #1473547
  * net...

Changed in linux (Ubuntu Vivid):
status: Fix Committed → Fix Released
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