Comment 64 for bug 1447664

James Johnson (triplej) wrote :

I have been experiencing this issue on an HP 745 G4 with the same BCM 5762 on several kernel versions from ubuntu 16.04 and up to 4.15.0-45. On my system the network would immediately crash often before logging in. Occasionally I would be able to ping for several seconds before the device would crash.

I have tried several work arounds in this thread although none were successful. Setting iommu to soft may have increase the duration from 10 seconds to about 30 however I did not test this extensively.

I was able to upgrade to mainline kernel 4.20.7-042007 using uuku, and I no longer experience any device instability. I'm not sure if this specific patch was included in this release although it maybe useful for those still experiencing crashes on Ubuntu 18.04