Comment 40 for bug 1447664

Hello, this thread has a patch that solved the bug (for me).
https://<email address hidden>/msg189347.html

The patch is here:
https://<email address hidden>/msg189923/0001-tg3-Add-clock-override-support-for-5762.patch

I tested this patch on the following kernels and situations.

1) Stable kernels 4.13.3 and 4.15 crash without the patch (plus all other versions tested). Patch is not merged yet in the main linux branch, until (and including) 4.15 (stable).

2) Stable kernels 4.13.3 and 4.15 work great with the patch: no timeouts on tg3. Fast transfers on gigabit links and 10/100 links.

3) I wrote to the patch author, mentioned my results and asked when it will be merged on Jan 31 (10 days ago). Still waiting, probably the author is currently quite busy.

4) A lot of tests performed during weeks. The last session took about one or two weeks, working full time, on an isolated network. Using the fog open source cloning solution. Several hundreds of GB transferred during tests, for cloning 100+ machines inside a few labs. Both single and multicast cloning sessions used. Tested with a gigabit switch and also with 10/100 switches. Checked both single and multicast, sequential tests, in parallel, with/without power failures, with/without several patches, in many configurations, with lots of kernel parameters, you name it.

5) The test scenario shows this bug is completely reproducible, 100% of the time. Without the patch, my kernels always fail. Tested about 20 different versions and none worked. With the patch above, the two versions always work correctly.

6) A minor detail: patch has a slight offset for 4.15 (2 lines, probably new comments or code) but works anyway.

This work would be impossible without all the cooperation from the fog team. Sebastian suggested the patch, and others helped a lot. A big "thank you" for them!

I wonder when this will be merged in the main kernel. Please, can anyone help on this?