Comment 27 for bug 1447664

Hello, I have seen the exactly same issue, with the exactly same hardware you have: it's the HP EliteDesk 705 G3 Desktop Mini.

I've tested already a ton of options, including recompiling the latest kernel, booting with several parameters, and so on and so forth. Got nothing more than a big headache. I have 100+ machines to install in a month and my team is having a really hard time to deal with this issue.

I have posted my findings on the fog forums. Fog is an open-source cloning tool. Please check it out:

Any ideas on this bug? It seems to be related to 10/100 switches. If both ends are gigabit, it works much more reliably. Problems still arise, but much less frequently. With my old "fast ethernet" switch, the problem alwasy happens.

It's lurking anywhere between the binary blob (the firmware), the kernel driver, the hardware or any tricky combination of these. Perhaps related to the AMD platform

I can run tests or gather more data, if it helps. The issue always happens here.
Any ideas on how to solve or workaround this issue? Patches or parameters are welcome...