Comment 34 for bug 1394368

The patch in my opinion is a regression for some specific laptops like
mine. We go from "everything works except Bluetooth" to "The system
works badly, and Bluetooth still doesn't work".

Someone who doesn't know the bug can't even guess easily this is caused
by the Bluetooth driver (if (s)he even know what is a driver, and
messing with kernel modules and/or bios is not an option for most people).

I will install the new kernel and report a new bug. I think the new
report should get a "critical" level. This update will break existing
installations, which should never happen.

Le 10/08/2015 22:07, Pilot6 a écrit :
> This wireless module does not work without this patch anyway. So the patch is not a regression.
> If some specific laptops have your issue, it nay be fixed by disabling wireless adapter in bios or locking it by a hardware or software switch.
> This is actually a bug. I think it is worth creating a separate report
> for it.
> You can install lernel from proposed and report a new bug.

Raphaël Jakse