Comment 33 for bug 1385113

Bluetooth behavior was good in ubuntu 15.10 - bluez5.35, blueman device manager and kernel 4.3.6. I use a bt mouse and OEM bt keydock (Asus T100-CHI)

Starting with 4.4 thru 4.6-rc1-next*, I have to open blueman's device manager to search for devices after idle timeouts. I also need to leave the device manager dialogue open/minimized to prevent rapid loss of connection. Device pairing is remembered, but manually searching is difficult when the pointing devices stop working. My test setup has a usb mouse as a workaround.

dmesg has "unknown main item tag 0x0" after each idle timeout". If I move mouse during boot, it will auto-connect, but it then suffers a rapid timeout soon after booting. See dmesg posted at #114561. It looks like something is incrementing the bluetooth input assignment # when anything times out.