Comment 14 for bug 1372609

Tim Gilbert (r-ubuntu-com) wrote :

I just tried rebooting with the v3.17-rc6-utopic kernel and I still see the same issue, so I'm tagging this as kernel-bug-exists-upstream.

@Despernal, the bug that you've linked for the X550 actually describes slightly different behavior than what I'm seeing on my UX303LN. The reporter of that bug couldn't get the touchpad to work at all. Mine works fine as a mouse, but it isn't detected as a touchpad.

It does seems likely that this is the same hardware, though, as I get the same output in dmesg:

% dmesg | grep -i flt
[ 0.254970] pnp 00:06: Plug and Play ACPI device, IDs FLT0101 SYN0a00 SYN0002 PNP0f03 PNP0f13 PNP0f12 (active)

Just for fun, I ran some of the commands that Hans suggested in that bug (, I will attach the results below.