Comment 238 for bug 136469

I want to thanks everyone here for all their input. After 6 months owning a Toshiba P105-S9337, I finally have everything working properly with the current Kubuntu Gutsy Gibbin v7.10; sound, acpi and nvidia drivers!

The process was:
1. Update my bios to v4.2
2. Download a kernel fix from
3. Fix dsdt for nvidia temperature using instructions at
4. Open Terminal and enter these commands:
* tar xvf toshiba_dsdt_kernel_fix.2.6.22-14_2007111300.tar.gz
* cd toshiba_dsdt_kernel_fix.2.6.22-14_2007111300/
* dpkg -i *.deb
5. Reboot computer and enjoy.
6. Use "Envy" from to configure the latest Nvidia drivers for this computer

That's it.