Comment 30 for bug 1349768

Tero Marttila (terom) wrote :


Unfortunately no, the 3.13.0-35-generic #62~lp1349768v4v201408220857 from above continues to exhibit the same issues with my actual test setup. Same thing with the ./ testcase.

The 0041-ipvs-fix-ipv4-issues-in-ip_vs_out.patch in the lp1349768v4 build is a different patch, though?

The resulting ftrace that correlates with dnsmasq sendto() getting stuck is still the same:

         dnsmasq-1447 [000] .... 1272.430975: ipv6_find_hdr <-ip_vs_out_icmp_v6.isra.21
         dnsmasq-1447 [000] .... 1272.430983: <stack trace>
 => ip_vs_out.part.22
 => ip_vs_local_reply6
 => nf_iterate
 => nf_hook_slow
 => __ip_local_out
 => ip_local_out
 => ip_send_skb
 => udp_send_skb
 => udp_sendmsg
 => inet_sendmsg
 => sock_sendmsg
 => SYSC_sendto
 => SyS_sendto
 => tracesys

 Is there something I can use to confirm that the booted kernel image actually has the correct set? The fix seems pretty obvious, so I was expecting it to work...