Comment 25 for bug 1349768

Tero Marttila (terom) wrote :

Attached is a small script to setup dnsmasq-tftp and ipvs to reproduce the dnsmasq-tftp stall. The strace at the end should start showing sendto() = EPERM errors after running the curl tftp://.../ command given as an example from a remote host.

The exact contents of the ipvs rules don't seem to matter.

The dnsmasq-tftp stall issue appears to happen with all the ubuntu-installer/amd64/linux versions that I've tried, with the exact block within the TFTP stream where it stalls changing betwen different versions but remaining consistent between runs.

With the current netboot.tar.gz it appers to happen at block 600:

d4fc2ba26cad96f4360cb36f04c26b2f50dceee9413c206431148b87e4958909 /srv/tftp/ubuntu-installer/amd64/linux

With the original ubuntu-installer netboot.tar.gz version (from sometime early June) I've been using it happens at block 311:

bdebc6c7bbd873bf5ad2480d90c2523da49cca8da5a0f4cb40adb7d1aeafb821 /srv/tftp/lp1349768/linux

Curiously, however, testing this setup on the 3.13.0-34-generic kernel the dmesg error ("IPv6 header not found") does NOT show up... may be some other facters at play as well there?