Comment 18 for bug 1265841

I am able to reproduce this bug as well, using Ubuntu saucy (13.10) with kernel 3.11.0-15-generic #23-Ubuntu SMP. The machine is an HP Folio13 laptop. I am happy to provide more info and/or test patches.

I actually encountered it independently. When you run latex from emacs, it spawns evince to view your generated pdf. When you re-latex your source file, emacs kills evince with SIGQUIT (actually it "types" the QUIT character to it in a pseudo-tty; not so friendly, huh?) triggering a core dump and this bug. I could only reproduce it intermittently at first which I think was because I had apport running, which intercepted the core dump. With apport disabled it is reproducible.

A question: Maarten, it looks like you sent this to the ecryptfs mailing list - are you sure that's the right place, given that it looks like aesni_intel may be the culprit?