Comment 69 for bug 1259829

Bib (bybeu) wrote :

Mine in my XPS13(L322X developer edition) is a LITEONIT LMT-256M6M mSATA 256GB, but with firmware DM8110C.
I wander why I have in /etc/cron.weekly both scripts trim (... fstrim -v / >> $LOG) and fstrim (... exec fstrim-all). I can't remember I tweaked this, neither I have a clean Trusty install or I upgraded from genuine Precise, in which case fstrim script could be a left-behind. This is unclear because fstrim script(exec fstrim-all) comes from util-linux package since 12.04 and I can't find where from the "trim" script comes.
Should I remove which script and upgrade the firmware (said to be for Win on Dell support, although I remember I yet upgraded the same way from DM8110? to the Win DM8110C) ? Because I read once a week if enough, but I believe these 2 scripts will trim twice a week, maybe the same day. I don't know if fstrim-all will log anywhere.
On 2 other 14.04 machines I only have one cron.weekly/fstrim (=fstrim-all) : one having a Samsung would be trimmed OK, but for the other having a Crucial M4, am I right to think it is never trimmed ? The whitelist in /sbin/fstrim-all being different to the one in man fstrim-all is really puzzling.
What to thinh and do please ?

@JeffreyEsquivelS , did you got your 9333 with DM8110F on Windows or Ubuntu, or did you flashed before/after installing Ubuntu (double-boot ?). On my L322X I removed the Dell's diagnostics partition so that I only have 240G /sda1 / & 16G /sda2 swap.