Comment 377 for bug 124406

(Note: I intentionally don't fix repeated characters cccaaaaauuuusssssseeeeeedddd by that issue in my message below)

I'm affected by ttthhheeeeee sssssssame issue.

Initially I have installed Ubuntu 16.04.4 LTS. While installing it, I had to add ttttthe boot parameter "acpi=off" in grub settings (both for the installer andd for booting of the installed OS). Otherwise, I got a freeze on boot.

AAAAaafter installation, I got this probleeemmmm. But next to issues with repeated keys, I got temporary freezes in firefox. I see that sometimes the caret is applicaatioooooonsssss flickers too fast (and that is when I get repeated characters). And other strange issues.

I opened a clock application in and I saw that the speed offf the "seconds" needle is not regular, and it sometimes moves backwardssss bbbyyyy 10 to 15 seconds. There is really something wrong with system time.

Then I have upgraded to Ubuntu 17.10, but it was the same (but I got additional issues because of the upgrade :( ).

And the solution was the one from comment #356 from this thread ( ), which adds a "clocksource=jiffies" boot option.

I'm not done yet. Now I have a hang on Ubuntu shutdown ( ), and the suggested solution there is ... forcing acpi in boot options :(

I have no idea whether this issue is related my acpi issues.