Comment 6 for bug 1241505

(In reply to comment #2)
> What keyboard are you using? What kernel (arch/flavor)?
> On my system with a 3.11 kernel, I see usbhid in the initrd so it should work
> fine.

First I should correct my previous statement that "Non-USB keyboards work once the system is booted." Instead, it should read, USB keyboards work once the system is booted.

I have tested a Logitech wireless keyboard and a generic/brandless USB keyboard. Both work on grub menu, but fail when prompted to enter luks key phrase. Only PS/2 keyboard works.

The kernel version/flavor is 3.11.0-2.g0a1c41f-desktop and the architecture is x64. Here is a similar bug report on this kernel release which mentions only wireless, but based on my testing, it is USB related: