Comment 15 for bug 1241505

Eureka. I've got it.

I added "ohci_pci" to the list of modules to be included in the initrd.

That seems to have solved the problem. Please check if you are having the same problem.

Details: On my tumbleweed system, while running a 3.10 kernel, I did a "cd" to "/lib/modules" directory for the current kernel, ran "ls -R" and put the output into a file. I did the same with the directory for the unusable 3.11 kernel on the same system.

I did a diff on the two files, to see what new modules were present for 3.11

I then booted 13.1Beta1 on the same box, and ran "lsmod". I checked which of the new modules were being used. I only found two (the other was "mii"), and the likely one seemed to be "ohci_pck".

Booting back into tumbleweed, 3.10 kernel, I added that the the list of modules to be included in initrd, and rebuild the initrd (I use the Yast sysconfig editor on "kernel" which allowed the editing and rebuilt the "initrd".

A final reboot, and I was successful with the 3.11 kernel.

It looks to me as if "ohci_pci" needs to be automatically included for 3.11 kernels. Whoever maintains "mkinitrd" should take care of that (I hope).