Comment 20 for bug 1234429

Anthony Matt (tonym924) wrote :

I have display problems with a Dell Vostro 1000 (2.4.1 BIOS, similar hardware to Inspiron 1501) on Lubuntu 14.04. Vertical lines on boot, whether with LiveCD (USB stick) or installed on hard drive. No herringbones or purple screens.

1. Nomodeset works (albeit stuck in 1024 x 768) because it causes driver 'radeon' to unload, and X falls back to the vesa driver (per Xorg.0.log).
2. External VGA monitor (ViewSonic VA912b) always works in cloned display mode, but when attached does not appear to change the laptop screen behavior.
3. Return after 'Switch off display' or 'Put display to sleep' (in Xfce Power Manager) sometimes restores display, other times results in blank laptop screen (no image, no lines) or vertical lines; display that is set to lower resolution shows only part of desktop (crops rather than shrinks to fit entire desktop).
4. Laptop lid behavior: Lock Screen option does not fix vertical lines, does not break normal screen; Suspend sometimes fixes vertical lines.
5. Changing LVDS monitor resolution or refresh rate (in Monitor Settings GUI) always causes LVDS to display vertical lines. Turning LVDS off, then on sometimes restores screen from vertical line state.
6. Behaviors in 3-5 appear to be time/temperature dependent - restoring the screen works consistently for ~1 hour (from first boot of the day), then works less frequently until not at all.
7. Errors (probably unrelated) on screen displayed when returning from Suspend: ata1: softreset failed (device not ready)
8. No monitors.xml in ~/.config; no xorg.conf.
9. xrandr reports various LVDS resolutions from 640 x 480 up to 1280 x 800.

Was an upstream bug ever filed for this issue?
I'm willing to supply logs etc to help resolve this bug.