Comment 3 for bug 123167

axion (bugzilla-axion) wrote :

The solution to this problem is in changing the scsi-inq_timeout of the kernel.

This memory stick has firmware that allows you to create and encrypted security partition. This same firmware checks the stick upon insertion for security partitions. This only happens if you have ever created a second partition, or a non fat32 partition. This check takes more then 5 seconds ( approximately 14 seconds ) so the driver gets timed out and retries to access the stick.

A fix for this problem is changing the timeout either before inserting or reinserting the stick.

Another not so elegant solution is: low-level-formatting or wiping the stick on a windows system and creating a fat32 partition with the tools available on the manufacturers website.

The timeout can be changed with a simple command line instruction:

echo 15 >/sys/module/scsi_mod/parameters/inq_timeout

Or append the following to the kernel boot options:


For more information see the kernel bugzilla:

Also see the corsair forum:

This problem arises in all flash-mass-storage devices controlled by a Prolific PL2528 USB-Flash controller. ( ) I have notified Prolific-us of this problem, the us prolific technician has passed this problem on to a Taiwanese technician. The Taiwanese technician has yet to respond.