Comment 0 for bug 1208740

Margarita Manterola (marga-9) wrote :

The bug is described in detail in this mail:

This bug affects any readline enabled program, like bash or psql. A "large" paste is any paste of more than 4kb of data (4kb is the size of the kernel buffer for reading from the console).

As can be found in the lkml thread, the issue is caused by the constant change between canonical mode and non-canonical mode, done by readline for each line being read. This change means that when the buffer is full, some characters might get lost.

This has been happening for a long time (starting with kernel v2.6.31-rc5), but it was barely noticeable for a while. Some changes done in the way the kernel schedules character reading in v2.6.39-rc1 made it much more noticeable. Even the most recent kernels are affected.